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A Truly Black Friday

While cities around the country try to beef up this week's Black Friday (traditionally the #1 retail sales day of the year) by granting temporary suspensions of sales tax on clothing or other goods, the state of South Carolina will let you buy GUNS tax-free. Via NY Daily News:
The great state of South Carolina is putting its own sick twist on Black Friday with a tax holiday on firearm purchases. Not cars. Not clothes. Certainly not books. Just guns. For the 48 hours following Thanksgiving, gun buyers will enjoy a break of up to 9% in state and local taxes. Firearms traffickers are not expected to pass the savings on to New York criminals, but what is called "the extrava-gun-za" and "Second Amendment Weekend" is sure to help South Carolina stay among the top five states that provide 85% of the illegal handguns recovered in New York City.
Gov. Mark "Appalachian Trail" Sanford vetoed the gun tax break, but the legislature overrode him. Thanks to its lax firearm laws, gun shops outnumber McDonald's in South Carolina by 4-1.

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