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Tweet Your Parking Space

A Brooklyn resident has launched a text message and Twitter based system of finding parking spaces in Park Slope, which car-owning locals derisively call "No Park Slope."
It's no secret. Park Slope is a parking nightmare. But what if you could join a cyber community that allows members to share available parking spot information? Well, now it's possible with a brand new system called "Roadify." The service, which let's you know about parking spots near you at the moment went live this week. Here's how it works. Roadify focuses just on the area in Park Slope near New York Methodist Hospital, using a point based system called "Parking Around Me." Leaving a parking spot? Using either text messages or Twitter, you earn "GIVE" points by sending in your location and when it will be available. Someone who needs a parking spot, using either text messaging or Twitter, simply sends the word "GET." Seconds later, Roadify notifies you of what spots are available.
Of course, the entire idea flies in the face of laws against using your cell phone while driving.

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