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Wingnuts Go After Teen Sex Advice Mag

Over the complaints of more than 100 parents, Ames, Iowa is backing a librarian's decision that a sex advice magazine written by and for teenagers remain on the shelves. The above image is a screen shot from magazine's website.
A teen sex magazine will stay on the shelves at the Ames Public Library despite a petition signed by more than 100 parents objecting to the publication. The Ames Library Board voted 6-1 to support library Director Art Weeks' recommendation to keep the magazine Sex, Etc., in the teen section. The magazine is written by and for teens under the oversight of Answer, a national sexuality organization at Rutgers University. It addresses teen sexuality issues, substance abuse and eating disorders. Copies are placed out two at a time for teens to take home without requiring sign-out. A petition objecting the magazine was signed by 118 parents who said it was too explicit and was being given priority over other publications.
Freepers react:

-"It would be a shame if 100 people went to the library each week and each took 2 or 3 books off the New Releases shelf and sauntered out the door accidentally forgetting to check out the books. A loss of 2-300 books each week for a month or two would really be noticeable."
-"The NEA, Librarian Pedophiles, Gays targeting new recruits and Democrats in general delight in the sickening society."
-"The parents should use guerilla warfare. Start sticking gum between the pages of the mag whenever they go to the library."
-"I hope the library’s fire insurance is paid up."

That last one sounds like a terrorist threat! Call the FBI!

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