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Catholics Applaud NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

Bigotry makes strange bedfellows. Catholic Online's head hater Deacon Keith Fournier has published an effusive praising of NY Sen. Ruben Diaz' anti-gay performance yesterday.
Senator Ruben Diaz is a “man with a chest”. He stands out in an age of men (and women) without chests. The reaction to the vote defending marriage against its opponents has been swift. Those in the radical fringes of the homosexual community who are behind the efforts to engage in a Cultural Revolution by using judicial and legislative maneuvers are angry. Senator Diaz is being pilloried in their activist blogosphere. He is being accused of being a “homophobe” (even though he has two brothers who are homosexuals) and, you guessed it, a “hatemonger”. What he really is is a man of conviction and courage who defended marriage, along with the family and the society founded upon it.

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