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GLSEN: Santa Claus Is Coming OUT!
Haters: Stop Mocking Our Mythical Icons!

The Gay & Lesbian Straight Education Network will be hosting a fundraiser in NYC on Dec. 8th. And of course the haters of gay children are screaming. Hang on for delirious ranting from Focus On the Family.
Yet more evidence revealing the dark side of GLSEN–the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network—has surfaced. (GLSEN is the group founded by President Obama’s “safe school’s czar,” Kevin Jennings.) At issue this time is a GLSEN fundraiser featuring a theatrical play called Santa Claus is Coming Out! GLSEN’s fundraiser invitation says the play depicts “Santa in his heartfelt struggle to reconcile his romantic relationship with Italian toy maker Giovanni Geppetto.” Pictures on a Web site promoting the production depict Santa in not-so-subtle sexually suggestive situations. The play also mocks those who support traditional values. It’s sad that GLSEN, which claims that it wants to protect kids, has chosen to use a fundraising tool that perverts the innocence of Christmas and sexualizes the longtime, child-revered icon of Santa Claus.
Yeeeah. Focus On The Family is worried about a play about a mythical person, all while promoting the real life daily tauntings, beatings, and murders of gay youth by vigorously interfering in anti-bullying efforts all over the nation.

Buy tickets to Santa Claus Is Coming Out here.

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