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Manhattan's Crazy Bike Parking Rates

Streetsblog notes that as well as the new law requiring NYC office buildings to allow workers to bring their bicycles inside, there's a new law requiring parking garages to offer a specific number of bicycle parking spaces relative to their car capacities. As you can see, bike rates ain't cheap. From Gothamist:
BicyclesOnly, the Flickr user who took this shot, says the daily rate shown here (tax included) is the best deal he's found. Some garages are charging as high as $15 a day! One Streetsblog commenter figures that "maybe 20 bikes will fit in the space taken up by one car, so this garage [in the photo] is charging the equivalent of what would be $100 a day or $1700 a month for car parking."
At those parking rates, it might be cheaper to lock it up on the street and just replace your bike when it gets stolen.

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