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New Law Forces NYC Buildings To Allow Bikes In The Office

NYC's new Bicycle Access To Buildings Law takes effect today. Office buildings must allow workers to bring their bikes up via the freight elevators, if your employer allows it. And unless building owners file for an exemption, you'll soon be able to bring your bike right to your desk, if your office manager allows it.

That's what the law says anyway. As pointed out by the commenters in the above-linked Gothamist post, the reality will be far different. In many Manhattan buildings, the entrances to freight elevators are in secured alleys or areas not accessible to office workers. Getting surly building managers to come and allow a stream of workers into the freight elevators will be an endless war. Plus most buildings have limited delivery hours, meaning that those elevators will be locked and abandoned long before the average worker is ready to leave the office. It'll be interesting to see how this new law works out. Years ago I rode my bike to my then-office on East 42nd (right at the bridge in the photo). Had to turn right around and ride home because I stupidly didn't think that I wouldn't be able to bring it inside.

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