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NY Senate Live Stream: Marriage Equality Vote Imminent

Well, let's play Lucy with the football. AGAIN. The NY Senate is convening any moment. Last night the state Assembly reapproved same-sex marriage for the third time, just in case and so Gov. Paterson can immediately sign the bill if the Senate, ya know, actually DOES anything.

UPDATE: The Marriage Equality Act has passed the NY Senate Rules Committee. As of this writing (noon EST), the Senate is voting on the budget. The marriage vote may come immediately afterwards.

UPDATE II: After naming all 31 states in which marriage bans have failed, head homophobe Sen. Ruben Diaz (D) urged the GOP members to remember their party's principles regarding "family values."

UPDATE III: The final vote: NO-38, YES-24. I've removed the live stream video player to improve site loading time.

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