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Open Thread Thursday

I did some long overdue housekeeping on my blogroll last week, taking out a few dead sites and a dozen others that haven't been updated in several months. Newly added are some great sites that I recommend you check out.

New Civil Rights Movement
- By David Badash, a NYC-based activist and the creator of the Great Nationwide Kiss-In. LGBT news, politics, opinion, and activism. And very smart.

Lez Get Real - Driven by activist Paula Brooks, a group lesbian blog featuring pop culture, LGBT news, politics, opinion and activism. Great digest-style layout.

Queer New York - Moderated by our own Father Tony and populated by JMG regulars such as Eric Leven and Little David, on this group blog you'll find NYC-centric photography, personalities, pop culture, and activism.

The Awl - Co-founded by former Gawker editor Choire Sicha, a group pop culture blog with a slant towards LGBT news and entertainment. Gawker, but gayer. If that's possible.

Waking Up Now - By activist Rob Tinisai, whose hilarious and instructional YouTube videos on LGBT equality got noticed all over the web. Opinion, rants, news, activism, and lots of funny.

Check out the above. And tell us what sites you've been checking out lately.

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