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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

North Carolina: Pastor Harley Michael Keough charged with six counts of sexual battery on female parishioners.
Ohio: Father Patrick O’Connor pleads guilty to sexual assault on a minor.
Louisiana: Pastor Martin Denesse pleads guilty to 186 felony counts of fraud for stealing $1.3M from Katrina victims who thought they were buying emergency FEMA trailers.
Ireland: Father Thomas Naughton pleads guilty to five "sample" counts of child molestation. Naughton was convicted of similar charges in 1998 and the cover-up of his assaults is part of Ireland's massive Catholic Church scandal.
California: Rev. Carlton F. Hammonds charged with four felony counts of sexual assault on minors.
Newfoundland: The Catholic Church agrees to pay a $200K settlement to a man molested by Father James Hickey. Eight additional victims are seeking compensation.
Alabama: Pastor Timothy Tillman sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife with a shotgun.
New York: Father Charles Plock convicted of sending videos of himself masturbating to a detective posing as a 13 year-old boy.
Allan Eugene Keate convicted of sexually assaulting the teenage wife assigned him by his polygamist Mormon sect. Keate also gave away his three underage daughters to older men for "celestial" marriages.
Illinois: Father Daniel McCormack denied parole for molesting five children.
Ontario: The Cornwall County government has publicly apologized for failing to investigate decades of molestation charges made against Catholic priests and others.
New York: Rabbi Leib Troppe caught on tape trying to convince a would-be female convert to engage in phone sex, rape fantasies, and actual sex with his friends.

This Week's Winner-
Ireland: Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has issued an ultimatum to four bishops: resign immediately or be fired by the Vatican. The four bishops implicated for their roles in the largest child molestation scandal in Ireland's history are Bishop Raymond Field, Bishop Eamon Walsh, Bishop Martin Drennan and Bishop Jim Moriarty. Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan has joined the call for the bishops to resign. So far only one Irish Catholic leader has taken responsibility for the thousands of assaults, Bishop Donal Murray, who resigned last week.

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