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Today In Frivolous Lawsuits

Two Alaska Airlines flight attendants are suing the national weather service and the federal government because they were injured during a bout of air turbulence.
They filed a claim against the U.S. government because they believe the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Air Traffic Organization should have warned them about the severe weather, the claim said. "These injuries were entirely preventable," said aviation attorney Alisa Brodkowitz, who is representing both women. "No one, neither the crew nor the passengers, should have experienced this horrific event." The claim was filed now because of an apparent statute of limitations that expires on Dec. 25, Brodkowitz. A spokeswoman for WSI, based in Massachusetts, declined to comment on the case Friday. Emily Langlie, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, also declined to comment. Marianne Lindsey, a spokeswoman for Alaska Airlines, said the company is not aware of the legal claim. Aviation expert John Nance said he has never heard of a case similar to this. "For a suit like this to be successful they are going to have to show the defendants, the FAA in particular, had evidence of turbulence and had a duty to transmit it to the crew and didn't do that," said Nance, who is a lawyer and a former pilot for Alaska Airlines. "That's a steep mountain to climb."

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