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Atari Flashback 2+

My loyal companion Aaron notes from his self-exile in Portland that the Atari Flashback 2+ will be released next month for $30.
40 Games built right in to the console: 3D Tic Tac Toe, Adventure™, Adventure™ II, Aquaventure, Arcade Asteroids™, Arcade Pong™, Asteroids Deluxe™, Battlezone™, Centipede™, Combat, Combat 2, Dodge'm, Double Dunk, Fatal Run, Frog Pond, Hangman, Haunted House, Human Cannonball, Lunar Lander™, Maze Craze, Millipede™, Missile Command™, Off the Wall, Outlaw, Quadrun, Radar Lock, Realsports Boxing, Realsports Soccer, Return to Haunted House, Saboteur, Save Mary, Secret Quest, Space Duel, Space War, Super Baseball, Super Football, Video Checkers, Video Chess, Yars' Return™, Yars' Revenge™.
Asteroids and Centipede are the only ones I recognize. Back in 1975, I was totally the coolest kid on the block because we had Atari's home version of Pong, which was sold only at Sears. Yes, Sears made me cool. For about three minutes.

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