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Beau Breedlove To Pen Memoir

Beau Breedlove, the young Oregon man whose teenage love affair with Portland Mayor Sam Adams threatened to cost Adams his office, is releasing a memoir. Breedlove (real name!) posed nude for Unzipped Magazine shortly after the affair became public.
“The book is a reflection on the events of my life before, during and after the 'scandal' surrounding my relationship with Sam Adams,” Breedlove wrote in an e-mail to The Oregonian. “In addition, the book will cover a broader look at people who have been in similar situations to mine, and how stereotypes both play into the media attention as well as are used as tools against victims. This book is a memoir, and an insight into the change that the GLBTQ community needs to see in the way we are portrayed and represented.” Breedlove was 17 when he met Adams in 2005; they had sex shortly after he turned 18. A year ago this week Adams admitted publicly that he had lied about the nature of his relationship with Breedlove. Breedlove is living in, and blogging from Provincetown, Mass. After the scandal broke, he agreed to pose for the cover of an adult magazine.
Breedlove's agent says they don't yet have a buyer for the book.

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