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Both Attackers In Queens Gay Bashing Of Jack Price Charged With Hate Crimes

Both of the men who brutally gay bashed Jack Price in Queens last October have been indicted on hate crimes charges. You may recall that local thugs counter-protested the anti-bashing rally that was held at the site of the assault several days later, holding signs in support of his vicious attackers and saying Jack Price "had it coming to him." One of the counter-protesters proudly showed off his Leviticus tattoo to the media.
The indictment filed Thursday morning charges defendants Daniel Aleman, 26, and Daniel Rodriguez, 21, both of College Point in Queens, New York, of 14-counts of assault and robbery as a hate crime, according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown. If convicted, both men face up to 25 years in prison. Police say the two men shouted "anti-gay remarks" while viciously beating victim Jack Price, 49, as he left a 24-hour deli on College Point Boulevard in Queens in October 2009. After the assault, the two men stole Price's wallet and other personal property from his pockets. Price was treated at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens for a broken jaw, several broken ribs, two collapsed lungs and a lacerated spleen. Aleman and Rodriguez are being held without bail. Their arraignment is scheduled for January 25.
Let's hope they get the maximum sentence. My complete coverage of the attack is here. Below is the attack as caught by surveillance video.

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