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Cars Vandalized At Orlando Gay Club

Vandals slashed the tires of more than two dozen cars parked near Orlando's Revolution nightclub yesterday as patrons inside celebrated the club's weekly gay Latino dance party.
Reports show someone slashed the tires of more than two dozen cars parked near the popular nightclub, off Bumby Avenue and South Street. Some owners paid a tow truck to remove their cars, but others left their disabled vehicles in the parking lot. Patrons said there is an attendant who charges customers to park at the club, but it is unclear if the club has surveillance cameras or if there were any witnesses to the crime. Monday night at Revolution is billed as an evening catering to mostly Hispanic gays and lesbians, according to the club's Web site. Police investigators have not confirmed if the incident is considered a hate crime, but some victims said the tire slashing made them think it was an attack against their sexuality and ethnicity.
This may not necessarily be an anti-gay crime. When I was home over the holidays, my mother and my sister (who both live downtown) separately mentioned problems that the club's neighbors were having with patrons blocking their driveways and even parking in their yards. According to my mom, complaints have been made to the police and the neighborhood association, but little has been done. That doesn't excuse slashing tires, of course.

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