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Clubs Survive NYC's Nightclub Smoking Crackdown (But Not The Gay-ish One)

It looks like four of the five NYC nightclubs set to be closed down for smoking violations have struck deals to live another day. Not surviving the city's wrath is Chelsea's M2 Ultra Lounge megaclub, host to the city's largest gay dance parties.
The Health Department's top lawyer sat down with reps for M2 Ultra Lounge in Chelsea after he said undercover inspectors caught patrons lighting up again and again. "We made it clear we will go forward and we are not interested in making a deal," said city lawyer Thomas Merrill. "I'm not going to do that when I'm not confident they can't commit to the Smoke-Free Air Act." M2 is the worst violator in the city. Evidence against M2 Ultra Lounge obtained by The News includes testimony and photographs of bouncers chatting with cigar smokers, cigarettes for sale in bathrooms and waitresses serving drinks to people with lit cigarettes in hand.
M2 is next door to the NYC Eagle, which has a dedicated smoking area on its roof and has not been cited in this latest campaign.

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