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Here's What The Prop 8 Supporters Were Too "Scared" To Say In Open Court

The American Foundation For Equal Rights sends us these video depositions made by two Perry vs. Schwarzenegger defendants who later dropped off the witness list rather than face the "violent wrath of vicious homofascists" were the trial to be televised.
The Olson/Boies legal team today introduced into evidence videos of the depositions of Paul Nathanson, Ph.D. and Katherine Young, Ph.D., who are among the experts dropped by the defendants from their witness list. In the videos, Nathanson and Young make several statements that are harmful to the defendants’ case and that support the plaintiffs’ position. Both are professors at McGill University. They were questioned by David Boies.
Listening to both witnesses without knowing who they are, one would presume they were witnesses FOR the gay side, especially Paul Nathansan, who seems ready to explode into a glitter rainbow of unicorns and Hello Kitty at any moment. Please watch every minute of these clips, it's unbelievable.

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