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HillBuzz: Founder Of Gay PUMA Site Says Leftists Are Out To Get Him

Talk about strange bedfellows. Wingnut sites from Free Republic to Michelle Malkin to Conservatives 4 Palin are rallying around the gay PUMA site HillBuzz, whose founder Kevin DuJan says that progressives have outed him as the person behind HillBuzz and are branding him a racist for his site's attacks on Barack Obama and its support for Scott Brown and Sarah Palin. According to DuJan, the homofascists at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground are threatening him with physical assault. Via HillBuzz:
Without getting into the ugly details and specifics, because we’re trying to cling to some semblance of privacy and a personal life here, we were warned two weeks ago to discontinue our support for Republican candidate Scott Brown or suffer consequences for backing him, at the expense of Martha Coakley. We were told, point blank, by Democrats in Chicago that people on the Left had “had enough with (us), and were going to come after (us), in a big way” if we didn’t stop rallying the troops for Scott Brown’s win over Coakley. We were given the ultimatum: either drop our support for Brown and the Left would leave us alone, or continue speaking out on Hottie McAwesome’s behalf and “just see what happens”.
Conservatives 4 Palin:
We cannot let this pass; we cannot afford to let it succeed. They have stood with us, and we need to stand with them. We will be doing that, by countering these slanderous and libelous accusations, by standing up and saying that Kevin DuJan and HillBuzz are not and never have been racist; but that isn't enough. This kind of accusation, because of its real-world consequences, has to be taken seriously as slander and libel and fought accordingly—and as such, HillBuzz needs money to keep fighting this leftist thuggery.
Most of the wingnuts sites are pointing to this post by Cynthia Yockey, who writes A Conservative Lesbian:
Hill Buzz is written by a group of gay men in Chicago who began the blog in early 2008 as part of their efforts on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Thanks to experiencing the dirty tricks of the Obama campaign up close and personal during the primaries, as soon as the Democratic nomination was stolen from Hillary, they became supporters of John McCain. They blogged, campaigned, phonebanked and donated money for McCain/Palin with unbounded zeal and passion. Now Kevin DuJan and Hill Buzz need our support. We MUST push back against FALSE charges of racism because Lefties will use it to destroy innocent people as long as it keeps working. Certainly if we do not hang together on this, we will hang separately.
The most surprising thing about this story is the continuing existence of PUMA sites.

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