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How To Help Poz Haitians

Many of Haiti's estimated 200,000 HIV-positive residents are now cut off from their critical HAART medications. NYC's AID For AIDS, a group that sends unused or unneeded HIV meds overseas, tells us how to help, because individuals cannot send drugs directly there.
And people can send medications directly to you in New York?
If they’re in the New York City area, they can call our office at (212) 337-8043. People can also check our website: If they are out of state, they can mail it to us, they can call and arrange how we can pick it up. Once we get it, we can get it to Haiti in two days. We send shipments everyday. We sent a shipment today, we sent our first [on Thursday]. We’re going to need to do this for a while — the situation in Haiti is bad, it's really bad. It’s not going to get stable right away. Some people are skeptical about donating money to organizations — this is a way to help. Even if you buy a bottle of Advil that you don’t use, send it to us. Anything helps in Haiti right now.
As noted at the above link. non-HIV meds such as antibiotics, Advil, whatever, are all welcome. AID For AIDS is working with NYC's Housing Works to ship everything they get by the next day. Donated medicines must be sealed and unexpired.

(Via - Advocate)

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