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Ignorance Is Bris

JMG reader John tips us to this very very seriously NSFW parody of the Feast Of The Circumcision, the annual celebration taking place this week about "the first time the blood of Christ was shed, and thus the beginning of the process of the redemption of man, and a demonstration that Christ was fully human, and of his obedience to Biblical law." From the clip's notes:
Circumcision of children is the oldest form of ritualized child abuse. Cutting a child's genitals, permanently affecting natural genital form and function is falling into decline due to increased awareness. Many children have been so damaged by circumcision that sex is painful or impossible. Many have died. Intactivists have brought the issue of genital integrity forward as a basic human right to an intact body. We urge conscious people everywhere to become informed on this issue and speak out to protect children's rights and genital integrity.
NOTE: The clip's freeze-frame below is not very indicative of the general content. Again: NSFW.

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