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It Doesn't Feel Like A Lifetime

Last month the Weblogs Awards, for which this here website thingy has been a finalist and winner in years past, announced that they were packing it in and there would be no awards for 2009. Which was kind of a relief, because as Monica Geller as I tend to get about these things, that Air America nonsense burned us all out.

But here come the biggest blogging awards, the Tenth Annual Bloggies, for which JMG was a finalist for Best LGBT Blog a couple of times in recent years. Strangely enough, this year JMG is up for a "Lifetime Achievement Award," something won in years past by such groundbreaking bloggers as Jason Kottke and Dooce's Heather B. Armstrong. So that's pretty damn cool. Check out the other finalists, vote here. And definitely check out all the other categories, you'll likely find some great new sites.

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