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Mixner: Obama's Silence Is Hurting Us

Citing witnesses at Perry vs. Schwarzenegger who are quoting President Obama's words about same-sex marriage, activist and former Clinton White House adviser David Mixner says it's about time that our fierce advocate speak up on our behalf.
But this is not the first time Obama's words have been used against us. They were used by the evil forces pushing Proposition 8. They were used against us in Maine while the President remained totally silent doing the election. They were used against us in New York and New Jersey doing the debates on marriage equality. How much longer is Obama going to remain silent while the bigots use his own words against our struggle for freedom?

The President's silence is now hurting us and hurting us often. He can either chose to make clear that these advocates of oppression do not express his personal views or he can continue his silence which in essence at this stage endorsing the forces opposed to the struggle for LGBT freedom

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