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MTA Launches New Site

NYC's MTA has launched a new site which for the first time provides real-time updates on service interruptions and delays. And the new site includes a smartphone ready function.
The authority’s older mobile site posted maps only as PDFs, a clunky format that often takes a while to load on hand-held devices. “On the Go,” which features a fresher, streamlined design, allows users to quickly call up images of maps for the subway and bus system and the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad. As in Google’s mobile apps, the maps can be moved around the screen with a glide of one’s finger. Users can zoom in on specific neighborhoods in each of the five boroughs, and a separate map is provided for Lower Manhattan, whose dense transit network can sometimes be indecipherable on smaller screens. Mobile users will also have access to the same real-time service updates available on the authority’s new Web page. Color-coded screens for subways, buses, and commuter rails provide an easy way to see if, say, the train to Ronkonkoma will be swift or a slog.
Of course, if you are already underground, you're still kinda screwed.

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