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New Hampshire Bigots Get To Work On Repealing New Marriage Law

Three weeks after same-sex marriage became legal in New Hampshire, the state's bigots are already hard at work towards repealing the law. Two proposed bills, one to repeal marriage equality and the other to amend the state constitution, will be heard today by New Hampshire's House Judiciary Committee, where the bills are expected to die.
Opponents know their chances of success are slim, but they are looking to the November election in hopes Republicans will regain control of the Statehouse and succeed then in repealing the law. Right now, Democrats are firmly in charge and appear eager to dispose of controversial measures early in the session to avoid lingering debate in an election year. Gay marriage opponents know that and are focusing on a bigger prize: voter sympathy. In recent weeks, opponents began a grass-roots effort to challenge the law indirectly by suggesting New Hampshire's 400 House members and 24 senators aren't representative of the people's wishes. They point out that in the 31 states where voters have had a say, gay marriage has been rejected. They plan to raise the issue at town meetings this spring in hopes of passing nonbinding resolutions that will pressure lawmakers to present them with an amendment that defines marriage. They also hope their effort will help elect anti-gay marriage candidates in November.
State Rep. David Bates, pictured above, has already had repeal petitions certified in over 100 of New Hampshire's approximately 200 towns. There is a February 2nd deadline for petitions to be certified in order for the issue to be put on the agendas of the towns' spring meetings. This is being done in order that objections to same-sex marriage will be heard at every town meeting in the state. Both sides agree that there is little chance of a repeal in 2010, but the groundwork of hate must be laid for next year.

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