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NOM: Keep Rhode Island's Ban On Gays Burying Their Partners

In November, Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri vetoed a bill that would allow same-sex couples to make burial decisions about each other. The bill arose out of the case of Mark Goldberg, who was denied access to his partner's body for months. This Tuesday the state legislature, which overwhelmingly approved the bill, has a final chance to override Carcieri's veto. NOM wants to make sure that doesn't happen. From a letter to legislators from NOM-RI, via Louise at Pam's House Blend:
Rather than being compassionate, the legislation in question is actually an exploitation of Mr. Goldberg's tragedy by the homosexual-marriage activists in Rhode Island. Despite their claims to the contrary, these bills serve simply as "Trojan Horses" for homosexual-marriage. In California and Connecticut similar strategies were followed by the homosexual-marriage agenda in achieving court ordered decrees that those states fully recognize homosexual-marriage. Those courts found that when rights of domestic partners, under either that nomenclature or as "civil-unions," were expanded beyond the already accepted realm of State and Municipal employees and their benefit arrangements, that the State must by extension fully recognize homosexual marriage. Legal analysis to support this statement has been provided to Speaker of the House Murphy and is available from NOM - Rhode Island upon request. As such, NOM - Rhode Island respectfully requests that you vote to sustain the Governor's veto both to avoid creating unnecessary law and to not move Rhode Island closer to recognizing homosexual-marriage.
Just when you think that NOM cannot possibly get more fucking repulsive, they prove you wrong.

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