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Prop 8's "Smoking Gun" Revealed

According to the Courage Campaign, internal documents and emails revealed this morning at Perry vs. Schwarzenegger reveal how Protect Marriage attempted to link same-sex marriage rights to pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and polygamy. From the Courage Campaign's Rick Jacobs, via press release:
“Ron Prentice, Andrew Pugno and their Prop 8 team -- with the highly capable and apparently deeply cynical leadership of Frank Schubert -- created a permanent campaign to scare voters into believing that same-sex marriage would threaten children, undermine America and lead to every form of illicit behavior imaginable. This evidence is not just a smoking gun. It was an arsenal of incendiary devices directed at the LGBT community and voters. This is how the Prop 8 side won -– through fear and lies.”

“Finally, this morning we saw indisputable, documented evidence in the form of emails and videos that Ron Prentice and Protect Marriage coordinated closely and relied upon the Catholic Church, the LDS Church, the Family Research Council, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage to get Prop. 8 on the ballot and to win through a campaign of lies.”

“Last week, the Supreme Court erased decades of precedent by ruling that corporations have the same rights as people when it comes to speech. Let’s hope that the court will as readily see that LGBT people have at least the same rights as corporations and surely the same rights as other people.”
A campaign of lies, indeed.

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