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Rick Warren's Money Plea Nets $2.4M

In response to his "desperation" end-of-2009 plea, the mindless pensioners under Rick Warren's spell dug deep into their piggy banks and forked over $2.4M in under 24 hours.
The Rev. Rick Warrren, who campaigned for the passage of California's antigay Proposition 8, has received $2.4 million in donations after making an end-of-the year plea to parishioners to help fill a gap in his southern California megachurch's budget. On Saturday, Warren announced at his Saddleback Church that all the money had come from individual donations of less than $100. "We're starting the new decade with a surplus," he said. "It came from thousands of ordinary people. This was not one big fat cat."
Whee! Another $2.4M for Jeebus' BFF! What to buy, what to buy? Another mansion? Another campaign to kill homos?

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