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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

: Pastor Anthony Garduno arrested for dealing crystal meth. Garduno was a Catholic priest until he was booted for "inappropriate sexual contact" with a male parishioner. He may also face gun and sexual assault charges.
Ireland: The Irish Independent calls on Bishop Martin Drennan to resign over accusations he helped cloak the crimes of pedophile priests. The four other bishops named in the scandalous Murphy Report have all offered their resignations.
Pennsylvania: Pastor Kirk Caldwell held on $2M bond after being charged with murder for the Christmas Day shooting of his son.
Colorado: Pastor
Keita Andrews pleads guilty to animal abuse after his starving dog was confiscated by animal protection officers.
Italy: Father Giorgio Panini charged with the stabbing murder of the husband of his mistress.
Internet: A website called Bishop Accountability has posted the names of 3300 Catholic priests accused of pedophilia.
Tennessee: Pastor Steve Tillman charged with reckless endangerment for shooting at cars parked in his nephew's driveway.
Argentina: Archbishop Edgardo Storni sentenced to eight years for sexually abusing a priest in training.
South Africa: Father Georg Kerkhoff accused of abusing young boys. A local abuse victims support group plans to sue Kerkhoff's diocese for allowing him contact with children for more than a decade after complaints began.

This Week's Winner-
Rhode Island: Father Brendan Smyth accused of raping one male and two female minors during his tenure at Our Lady Of Mercy over 40 years ago. Smyth died in an Irish prison in 1997 following his conviction on 91 counts of child molestation. His two alleged victims in Rhode Island are demanding that the Diocese Of Providence release their records on Smyth and other suspected pedophile priests. Providence Archbishop Thomas Tobin has refused to comment on the charges.

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