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Gay Couple Competes In Wedding Contest

Mikey and Earl write to let us know they are competing in Crate & Barrel's "Ultimate Wedding Contest" whose winners will be chosen by an online poll. Their dream wedding:
I've thought long and hard about how to pull off the most spectacular gay wedding New York City has ever seen. If this dream comes true, (1) the celebration will kick off on the open-air terrace of Inside Park, a beautiful venue adjacent to St. Bart's Cathedral on Park Ave; (2) comedienne Kathy Griffin will warm up the crowd before we arrive by yellow cab; and (3) as we share our love with family and friends, Grammy Award-winning singer Michael Buble will perform his hit song "Everything" to commemorate our first dance. I get goosebumps just thinkin’ about it!
Vote at the above link.

UPDATE: There's another gay couple in the contest. Jonathan and Gregory:
The three key things for our wedding are simply friends, family, and fun. We want a simple, but elegant affair at an outdoor vineyard in the DC area with our family and friends from across the country. Our family and friends are very important to us and our dream day would not be complete unless we were surrounded by all of them. And we want all of these people to be able to celebrate our love for each other and enjoy a memorable occasion.

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