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Mad Mommy Is Mad At You

My loyal companion Aaron tips us to this mommy rant from Metro, the daily freebie handed out in NYC, DC and elsewhere. Mommy is outraged! Outraged, I tells ya! You idiots aren't respecting her mommy privilege!
Move out of my way. Help me, please. Hold a door. Offer my kid your seat on the bus. Walk faster. Why so slow? Out of my way, I’m a mom! Yes, I have mommy rage. I don’t hide my feelings, and if you make me angry you will know it. I’ve always been honest, vocal and very straightforward. But since becoming a mom all of those qualities have escalated to a heightened state. If you see me trying to navigate a double stroller, why can’t you move out of my way? When my behind is scrunched up to the door, one foot behind me, one arm on a stroller handle, and another holding my other kid, would it kill you to just open the door and hold it? I mean, you are standing right there. What happened to common courtesy? And if I get to a movie early to get a good seat, and you come strolling in as the previews are rolling, and you sit down, all 6 feet of you, in front of my kid, would you mind moving before I have to angrily ask you to? If you work in a store, hurry up. I don’t always have time for small talk … especially when I’m with my kids. And I certainly don’t have time to wait while you are on your e-mail. I won’t be shy about letting you know.
The comments on this rant are kinda fantastic.

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