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Manly Cupcakes For Manly Men

Manhattan's decade of fascination with the "upscale" cupcake emporium has been well-documented. And years after Sex And The City went off the air, the lines at the pointedly downscale Magnolia Cupcakes mysteriously remain. Therefore, it seems, we were long overdue for a gay take on the phenomenon. Enter the Butch Bakery.
Butch Bakery was born when David Arrick felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product -the cupcake. When a magazine article mentioned that cupcakes were a combination of everything "pink, sweet, cute, and magical", he felt it was time to take action, and butch it up. He decided to create a company where "Butch meets Buttercream". David is delighted to bring this exciting culinary product to market.
A one-dozen booze-infused "Butch Box" of cupcakes will set you back $48. I love that they've trademarked "Butch it up." I'm totally going to copyright "You go, girl!"

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