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The Push To Place Prop 8 Repeal On 2010 Ballot Continues

Via Truth And Hope:
Sometimes there is not much to say other than to get right to the point. In the next few weeks, the people of California will decide if we will put Marriage Equality back on the ballot in 2010, or if we will allow Prop 8 to stand and ask the LGBT community to wait at least another two years for full equality. We must deliver 1.2 Million signatures by April 12 if we are to return to the ballot. And frankly, we are behind schedule. If I could share a proven message that moves even Republicans on the subject of marriage equality would that inspire the support we need to make this happen? A week ago Friday this ad was chosen by judges like George Stephanopoulos, Roger Stone, Chuck Todd, Christine Todd Whitman, Robert Traynham, Joe Trippi and more as the Best Television Ad for a Ballot Initiative at the Reed Awards.
Virtually all progressive and LGBT rights groups, including longtime holdout the Courage Campaign, have disavowed or abandoned a 2010 repeal attempt. But Truth & Hope is working to raise the money to put the below (now award winning) ad on the air to help the petition campaign.

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