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World Net Daily Columnist: Homosexuals Should Be Put To Death

World Net Daily columnist Molotov Mitchell says that Uganda has it right, the Bible clearly calls for homosexuals to put to death. If gay Ugandans don't like that, they can just leave. And that America's Founding Fathers had it right too, because was a death penalty for gays in the original colonies. Mitchell says that by being willing to kill homosexuals, Ugandans are now "more American that Americans" and he closes by quoting Martin Luther King: "The moral arm of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

NOTE: This piece first appeared to little notice on WND several weeks ago, but has just been posted to YouTube. Mitchell's ranting is yet another another example of the recent ramping up of violently anti-gay rhetoric from the Christianist right. The American Family Association thinks gays should all be imprisoned and forcibly subjected to "reparative therapy." The Family Research Council says that gays are inherent rapists who can't be trusted around soldiers. Mission America says that protecting gay kids from beatings in school is a fascist idea. And now a columnist from the most widely read Christian site in the nation is calling for us to be put to death.

(Via - Good As You)

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