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Black Party 2010 @ 8:00am

Here's 30 seconds of Black Party 2010, as viewed from the balcony of the Roseland Ballrooom just after 8am this morning. (Warning, the audio is VERY bad. It didn't seem that loud where I was standing, but my little digicam just freaks out over heavy bass. So turn this DOWN.) I'll probably post a fuller review later in the week, but the keywords for this year's event are: insanely crowded, unbearably hot, damn fun. Interestingly, an unadvertised sort-of satellite Black Party simultaneously took place across the street at Studio 54. It wasn't clear to us whether that was a stand-alone event or one created to relieve overcrowding at the Roseland. Overall, I had a much better time than in the last two years, especially once the crowd thinned somewhat and the temperature returned from the triple-digits. Not unrelated to my good time, it was also the least messy crowd I've ever seen at the Black Party, a trend I first noticed last year. There were a few guys who had very obviously flown too close to the sun, but I didn't personally witness any need for emergency services, for once.

UPDATE: Here's a much better clip with good audio, shot from behind opening DJ Hector Fonseca.

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