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Cola War: PFOX Vs. PFLAG

"Ex-gay" nutters PFOX are trying to get PepsiCo shareholders riled up because the company made a donation to PFLAG. Via World Net Daily:
PFOX alleges that PepsiCo is the leading corporate sponsor of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Inc., whose recent publication, a Faith Field Guide, urges PFLAG members to protest against religious conferences that feature formerly homosexual speakers. The guidebook labels the "ex-gay" conferences as "anti-gay," and prompts the protests "to remind people that there is more than one faith message." PFOX questions, however, why a soft-drink company that has declared itself to be "committed to diversity and inclusion without imposition of personal judgment" would exclusively back one side of a theological debate. "Why does PepsiCo fund organizations like PFLAG, which issue religious publications urging readers to undermine other religions with which PFLAG disagrees?" asked Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX, in a statement. "Is this the best use of PepsiCo funding?
PFLAG encourages members to protest against the "ex-gay" conferences run by Focus On The Family. Griggs: "Why does PepsiCo continue to fund organizations which hate the ex-gay community? PepsiCo's actions adversely affect its public image, goodwill and stock value."

ACTION: Send an appreciative message to PepsiCo's Investor Relations office for their support of PFLAG:

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