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Concerned Women Are Concerned About Violent Homofascist Predators

The Concerned Women for America today filed a Supreme Court brief in support of the attempt to suppress the names of those that signed Washington state's homophobic Referendum 71. Because them violent homofascist predators iz gonna whup somebody!
Penny Nance, CEO for Concerned Women for America, said, "CWA seeks to protect the individuals who signed the petition from having their support of Referendum 71, their personal information, and the address of their family's home globally publicized on the Internet by groups with a history of harassment and intimidation against those opposed to the homosexual viewpoint." Maureen Richardson, State Director for CWA of Washington, said, "Privacy is a big issue. The people's right to 'exercise the legislative power' through referenda and initiatives will be severely hampered by publicizing names through Internet listings, etc. In a perfect world where others do not wish us harm, public disclosure of citizens' personal information made available on a referendum or initiative might be acceptable, but in a world where advocates are threatened as I have been, making it easier for predators to access their victims is not necessarily in the public interest and certainly not in the victim's."
Oral arguments on the case begin in the U.S. Supreme Court on April 28th.

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