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"Confederate Southern Americans" Want Official U.S. Census Recognition

You can't make it up. Proud Southern descendants of the fight to preserve slavery (among other things) want their own "Confederate nationality" recognized on the census.
Are you tired of Anti-Southern discrimination and bigotry directed at Southern people? Are you tired of being called a racist simply because you are proud of the Confederate Battle flag - the symbol of your ancestry and heritage? The Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC) is asking Southerners to stand up and be counted as "Confederate Southern Americans" on the 2010 US Census. Question #9 on the Census form asks for information on "Race,." The SLRC suggests you check "Other Race" and in the space below write "Confed Southern Am." This will tell the Census that your families National Origin was the Confederate States of America, for four years a nation independent of the United States. Your spouse, may also so declare even if born outside the South. Those sympathetic to the Confederate Southern American Community may also so declare.
Their website has Dixie on auto-play. 'Nuff said.

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