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Court: New York Can Annul Civil Unions

The appellate division of the New York Supreme Court has ruled that the state may annul civil unions made in other jurisdictions. The case involved a lesbian couple that was civil unioned in Vermont seven years ago. They had been told they'd have to live in Vermont for one year before the state could make their separation legal.
''Today, the public policy of our state protects same-sex couples in a myriad of ways,'' justices wrote in their decision. ''Two provisions of the Public Health Law define a domestic partner to include one who is 'formally a party in a domestic partnership or similar relationship with the other person, entered into pursuant to the laws of the United States or of any state, local or foreign jurisdiction.'"
Lambda Legal called the ruling important, saying, "A different ruling here would leave the persons legally entangled with each other and people have to move on with their life."

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