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Fake Fliers Mock Gainesville Gay Mayoral Candidate Craig Lowe

Anti-gay activists in Gainesville, Florida are handing out hoax fliers urging support of openly gay mayoral candidate Craig Lowe, promising that he will bring the city "gays in women's restrooms" among other gay gay gay things.
“Please help to make this town more like San Francisco, CA,” the flier reads. “Don’t let Traditional Value Activists use scare tactics against you!” Lowe, a city commissioner, said in an interview that he was told the fliers had been put on cars at a Baptist church Sunday and some had been placed on cars along Main Street. It was not clear who was distributing them. “When someone poses as operating on your campaign’s behalf and is doing so in a manner to damage the campaign, I think that’s something that is very disturbing in the electoral process,” Lowe said. He said he wasn’t sure whether he would file a complaint.

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