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Georgia Man Jailed For Death Threats Against Elton John Over Jesus Comment

An Atlanta-area man has been jailed for making death threats against Elton John over his recent comment that Jesus Christ had been a gay man.
Neal Horsley was taken into custody Wednesday in Carrollton by members of the Atlanta police fugitive squad and U.S. Marshal's office, according to Carrollton police. Horsley was booked into the Fulton County Jail, charged with terroristic threats, criminal defamation and using the Internet to disseminate threats. During a hearing Thursday morning at the jail, Magistrate Judge James Altman set bond for Horsley at $40,000 on all three charges. As a condition of his bail, Horsley must remain at the home of his son, Nathanael Horsley of Gainesville, Altman said. In addition, there must be a land-line in the home. The younger Horsley is acting as his father's attorney. John, a part-time Atlantan, raised the ire of Horsley last month when he told an interviewer that he believed that Jesus was a homosexual. Horsley, 65, responded with an Internet diatribe on "Why Elton John Must Die."
Horsely is a well-known anti-abortion activist who has been previously charged with making death threats against doctors. He is also a registered 2010 candidate for governor of Georgia. Here's the clip which apparently resulted in his arrest, which is somehow still on YouTube. A few minutes in, Horsley is protesting outside of Elton's apartment building with the above sign.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Horsely has admitted to having had sex with a mule. He also says that he'd kill his own son if that meant Georgia could secede from the United States. Ooh pappa tooney.

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