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Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate Booed At Public Debate With Jose Peralta

Audience members booed and symbolically "slashed" their faces with blood-red lipstick last night as former NY Sen. Hiram Monserrate debated Assemblyman Jose Peralta.
Monserrate, who's fighting to win back the state Senate seat he was booted from earlier this year, was booed as he introduced himself during the debate against Democratic Assemblyman Jose Peralta. Also participating in the debate was Robert Beltrani, a Republican parole judge. A school safety officer even had to quiet one outspoken person interrupting Monserrate, who's running as an independent on the 'Yes We Can' ticket, as he touted his legislative achievements. Then several others drew lipstick slash marks on their cheeks, a reference to Monserrate's misdemeanor conviction for cutting his girlfriend's face with a broken glass in December 2008. "I consider myself an advocate for the community," he declared at Intermediate School 145 in Jackson Heights, adding, "one incident does not negate 25 years of service."
The special election is this Tuesday. Visit Fight Back New York for information on how to help in rally voters in Queens and to donate to their campaign to defeat our state's anti-gay legislators.

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