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HomoQuotable - Charles Winecoff

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away – called New York City – there was a special place where fairies could go when they weren’t feeling well. It was known as the Gay Men’s Health Project. The friendly bears and slender youths who ran this magical dispensary helped unlucky fairies mend their wings and wee-wees so they could get back to working through their issues and flit off to the nearest after-hours disco, bath house, abandoned truck or dilapidated pier. [snip]

"The warrior fairies did not trust the king and queen, who hailed from a make-believe place called Hollywood. Even though there were many fairies in Hollywood, the elders imagined that the king, whose name was marked by a malevolent ”R,” would round up their infected friends and lock them in concentration camps. The fairies only trusted royals whose names boasted a benevolent ”D.” So fearing the worst, they paid no heed to the warnings of their own shamans. Instead, they fought to protect their underground turf from the imaginary menace of the “R” invaders by keeping their fairy-only, non-reproductive recreation centers open. Thousands more fairies fell from the sky.

"Time passed. Powerful potions were eventually conjured up to keep infected fairies healthy and alive. Kings began to grant them audiences, and the peasantry as a whole became more accepting of their existence, and appreciative of their hard history. The fairies were celebrated and honored for the injustices they endured. The peasantry took extra care to be more tolerant of fairy feelings. But the fairies couldn’t reciprocate. They didn’t know how to trust or to let down their guard. They had become addicted to attention, self-pity, and anger." - Homocon writer and noted micro-penis sufferer Charles Winecoff, writing for anti-gay Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

According to Winecoff, filthy promiscuous AIDS-infected "fairies" of the 1980s set the stage for our 21st century blind obedience to the Democrats, Messiah Obama, and his fascist health care reform plan. Of course, Winecoff wouldn't know anything about health care deprivation or poverty, because as he gloats, he "grew up in a penthouse with a fabulous view of the skyline of Manhattan."

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