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HomoQuotable - Michael Kirby

"Openness about sexuality helps to destroy the foundation for prejudice and discrimination. One day there will be a big parliamentary apology to gay people for the oppression that was forced on them and the inequalities that were maintained in the law well beyond their use-by date. Just like the delayed 2008 apology to the Aboriginal people of our country.

"I also do not doubt that, in a comparatively short time, Australia will move towards same-sex civil unions and gay marriage. No one has satisfactorily explained how my 40-year loving relationship with my partner Johan in any way affects (still less undermines) heterosexual marriage. If Australians are now more homophobic than racist, as some recent public opinion polls suggest, this is because Australians have lacked good leadership on this issue." - Former Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby, from a book of essays about justice issues just distributed to high schools and universities. Kirby came out as gay in 1999 during his 13-year tenure on the High Court, which is Australia's version of the U.S. Supreme Court.

(Tipped by JMG reader Arthur)

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