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James Dobson Steps Down At FOF

"James Dobson has assisted millions of Americans in bringing up children in more positive and constructive homes and communities. By doing so, he has created wealth by helping people thrive. If his work has spared even one child a life of drugs or criminality, he has improved the human condition. There is no limit to the market for those who trade in constructive information. So count on Family Talk to become another success story, much like Focus on the Family. Count on these two organization to work together. And count on the success of Family Talk to serve as that metaphorical tide that lifts all ships." - The Colorado Springs Gazette, lionizing the founder of one of the most successful and influential anti-gay organizations in American history. Dobson is stepping down from daily operations at Focus Of The Family to launch a new radio show.

As I noted last month:
With an annual budget of $128M, Focus On The Family devotes a large portion of its activity to funding anti-gay ballot initiatives and challenging legally mandated LGBT rights in court. The group deliberately bleeds funds from LGBT groups forced to defend legal challenges. Don't expect Dobson's stepping down as chairman to have the slightest change in their evil doings.
Oh yeah, go freep their fucking poll.

(Tipped by JMG reader Alan)

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