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Monserrate Violates Polling Place Laws

Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate spent election day by traveling to polling places in Queens trailed by sound trucks broadcasting his message in English and Spanish, a violation of laws requiring that candidates do not campaign at places where people vote.
Around 11:30 a.m., he strutted into a senior center on Roosevelt Avenue in Corona that also held a polling station, violating election laws that require candidates and their supporters to stay at least 100 feet away. He shook hands with the men, hugged the women and even danced some salsa with seniors who were taking a class until the center’s director got him to leave. On the street, several people stopped to greet him. One man said, “Clinton did worse.” Another, Ignacio Restrepo, 66, exclaimed, “Arriba! Adelante!” He said he had just voted for Mr. Monserrate. About a half hour later, Mr. Monserrate’s sound truck arrived outside another polling site at Public School 89 in Jackson Heights. They were followed by two vans with his name on them. The vehicles parked in front of the school, and Mr. Monserrate stepped out to talk to voters. A poll worker requested that the vans be moved. Mr. Monserrate denied that the vans were working on his behalf and continued to speak with voters. When the poll worker confronted Mr. Monserrate, he said angrily, “Buzz off, man. Buzz off. Go shave, get a haircut and get lost. Who are you to tell me who I can and can’t talk to?”
Catholic flier via Blabbeando. Monserrate's girlfriend, whom he left with 40 stitches in her face, is campaigning for her abuser.

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