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New York Times: Paterson Must Resign

In a front page editorial, today the New York Times called for the resignation of Gov. David Paterson unless he can "account for his actions."
Gov. David Paterson gave New Yorkers his “personal oath” on Friday that he had never abused his office. It now seems clear that, at the very least, he tried to arrange a ham-handed cover-up to avert a scandal involving a top aide. There are also disturbing signs that he or other state officials may have unlawfully intervened to protect the aide from accusations of domestic violence. Either would be a gross abuse of office. Mr. Paterson has failed to account for his actions. If he can show that he did no wrong, he must do so fully and immediately. If not, he should resign.
It's a remarkably blistering editorial, peppered with words like "sordid" and "intolerable."

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