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PhoboQuotable - Brian Brown

"Yes, it is wrong to post the personal addresses of Members of Congress (or in this case, mistakenly the address of a brother of a Congressman) on the internet to encourage harassment. But how much worse it is to have thousands of ordinary citizens' home addresses posted on the internet with virtual instructions to go and harass them for donating for Prop 8? To this day these maps remain. One woman I know in her sixties reports she is afraid to walk out her front door after receiving a flood of threatening mail directed to her home. Democracy is not supposed to work like that.

"We have sympathy for what they are going through, but these politicians should come forward to denounce the continued intimidation and harassment of ordinary citizens for participating in the basics of democracy--and demand those eight maps be taken down." - NOM's Brian Brown, comparing the threats to Democrats in Congress over health care reform to evil homofascists hunting down Prop 8 supporters.

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