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Quote Of The Day - Joan Collins

"There's a big difference between the male stars of bygone years and today's slightly metrosexual-looking actors. Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio and Sean Penn are all wonderful actors, but they are chameleon-like when it comes to their place on the masculinity meter. As for today's TV stars, to me they seem just like ordinary, faceless men cut from the same male cookie-cutter. I don't recognise most of them, and in any case their star doesn't burn brightly for very long on TV nowadays. Viewers are fickle and shows are cast off the networks faster than old bait." - Joan Collins, writing in the UK Daily Mail. According to Joan, George Clooney is the only real man in Hollywood today. All the rest are feminine shadows of the glory days of rough, butch hunks. Whatever, lady.

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