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R&B Star Erykah Badu In Controversy Over Video Made At JFK Shooting Site

R&B star Erykah Badu is facing criticism for making a music video at the Dallas site of the assassination of JFK. In the video, Badu slowly strips off most of her clothes and strolls the street of the shooting in her bra and panties. At the end of the clip, Badu lies down nude at the location of the murder.
Commerical filming shoots require a permit from the city of Dallas, but here, no such permit was sought or granted. “She said she was frankly kind of surprised nobody made a formal complaint at the time, though on her Twitter account she says people were yelling at her while they were filming" said Richard Ray, a FOX reporter who spoke with Badu. According to her Twitter post, Badu stated that people she passed shouted things like "This is a public place,” “you ought to be ashamed,” and “put your clothes on." Dallas police say if an offended witness had complained, Badu could have been charged with a misdemeanor. "More than likely if a person was totally nude on the streets of Dallas and somebody called the police or the police saw them in the act then they would be charged with indecent exposure," said Cpl. Janice Crowther of the Dallas Police Department. Mike Brownlow a witness to the incident said "At first I think some people thought she fell down or something but of course with her being naked, people were like, 'Why in the world is she naked?" Brownlow said that “it all happened pretty fast and that a white van was parked in the street and waiting for the getaway." "One of the guys rushed to her, got her up. Put her in the van and took off under the bridge," he continued. In the final moments, most people in the background seem remarkably unaffected.
Well, it worked. Cuz now we're all gonna want to see the video.

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