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Teabaggers "Storm" U.S. Capitol

A huge crowd of Tea Party protesters attempted to "storm" the U.S. Capitol and Congressional office buildings this afternoon, prompting DC police to close the buildings. Teabaggers also hung "Don't Tread On Me" and "American Revolution II" flags from the outer balcony of the Capitol. Reactions to the building closures on Free Republic:

- "Looks like the commie 'RATS are going to need a "teachable moment" similar to the one Americans gave King George and his bunch."
- "This is BS. We paid for that building and the salaries of those that work within to represent us."
- "All we need to complete the Obama vision is the Military surrounding the Capital. After all, that's how they do it in Venezuela."
- "Communism is here. We have no voice and will be slaves to the establishment. The boldness of those that own us should be a wake up call to what is left to America."
- "We are now oppressed by a tyrannical oligarchic government. These potentates will ignore every aspect of the Constitution, which they recognize in name only."
- "Storm the damn building. Apparently, “peacful” isn’t working."

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